Field of application

Raised access floors for Cleanrooms

For applications in high-tech environments such as cleanrooms PBS specialy designed raised access floors for cleanrooms. These cleanroom floors have a high carrying capacity, are guaranteed dust free, conduct static electricity and ensure optimal air distribution. Raised cleanroom floors consist of panels made of a so-called AND AC-AlSi9Cu3 (Fe) alloy. Aluminium has the advantage that the material is light and extremely strong. Thanks to more specific treatments, the aluminum floor is guaranteed dust free.


The flooring system of PBS are ESD safe and guarantee protection for people and equipment!
The cleanroom floor panels can be provided with a conductive top layer. This Allows the raised floor conductive properties and is ESD safe (ESD = Electro Static Discharge). Moreover, the bottom construction is very suitable as earth grid. To ensure user safety, we guarantee a minimum resistance of 50,000 Ω (ohm).

Air distribution

Increased cleanroom floor is ideal for the distribution of air!
The space under the floor cleanroom aluminum can serve as a air passage. Using specially perforated aluminum panels creates an optimal air distribution. The air passage of the aluminum panels can be varied by selecting a higher or lower degree of perforation.

Lowest tolerance

With our geveavanceerd machinery we guarantee the lowest tolerance in the world!
PBS produces aluminum panels in-house and we are proud of it. We differentiate ourselves from our fellow entrepreneurs through our advanced machinery and our engineering department. With our knowledge and expertise, we can produce the aluminum tiles extremely dimensionally stable. We guarantee a custom assembly tolerance of 0.05 mm at the given sizes. This makes us unique in the world: nowhere else panels are produced with a smaller deviation.

High capacity

Increased cleanroom floors are extremely strong and suitable for carrying heavy loads!
Especially for technical areas produces PBS called duct work floors. These computer floors are a self-contained system, made up of jacks and ducts that are fastened to each other by screw connections. This creates an extremely strong and stable support structure with high mechanical resistance against dynamic point loads and lateral forces (eg when transporting heavy equipment, for example with a pallet).