Field of Application


More than ever, office space should allow you to be flexible, to enable you to quickly respond to new developments in your organisation. This is why a PBS raised access floor is ideal for virtually any office, both new and existing. We can realize a modular floor starting at a height of 60 mm, with the panel included. Underneath this floor, the entire infrastructure can be hidden, which allows for an obstacle free workspace that can be completely configured based on your desire. Because a PBS floor is made of removable panels, all facilities remain accessible. It’s very easy to adjust , install new workstations or to completely rearrange the area.

In an office environment, the appearance and the acoustic of a floor is also very important. This is why PBS offers you a wide range of top layers in various types and colours; ranging from carpet to parquet, from marmoleum to laminate and from cork to natural stone, all to be applied per tile at our factory in the Netherlands.


Endless variations in material and appearance!
Who said raised floors miss appearance? You decide which style fits best in your office building; on that basis, we choose the most appropriate material. Bamboo, wood, stone, parquet, for a basic, elegant or robust appearance: it is all possible. Besides that, we also can realize rectangular, triangular and  even round floordesigns.


Where possible, PBS uses raw materials from sustainable sources.
Depending on the chosen material, the raised access floors of PBS includes a FSC®- or PEFC label. Thereby you will contribute to the conservation of nature and,through this, these labels help you in obtaining for example a BREEAM certificate.

Extremely low

Raised access floors can allready be mounted upward of a finished floorheight of 45 mm! PBS produces these kind of floors especifically for applications in offices. Thereby these rooms loses hardly any height and you can still cover up all your cabling. PBS raised acces floors are therefore ideal with a limited height available , whether it concerns new buildings or the refubishment of old buildings. You hardly loose any height, but it benefits from the ability to cover up the cabling under the raised floor.

Cost savings through time and material.

A raised floor earns itself back!
The raised floor contributes a significant costsaving in construction. The dry construction method is also less time consuming than a conventional floor. One of our thin floorpanels of 17.3 millimeters thick, which rest on adjustable pedestals can be mounted on virtually any surface. This pedestal can be mounted to a concrete floor that has been levelled with a straight edge which is a sufficient basis for a perfect endresult. The adjusting capabilities of the pedestal make it possible to always achieve a level floor. This construction method provides the advantage that the walls and walldrains can be deducted. Offering a great degree of flexibility and less construction material and less time consuming in your planning means a sufficient saving and very interesting return on invenstment.

High load capacity

Desks, walls and cabinets? No problem!
The raised floor has a significant loadability. We use pedestals which we develop and produce in-house. These combined with extremely strong – self-produced – floor tiles, makes a high load capacity and can carry easily heavy walls, cabinets and other objects on your raised access floor.

Floor Boxes

Camouflage solution for unlocking your cabling
Power points and data connectors are easily accessible through our specially designed camouflage floor boxes. These floor boxes are sunk in the raised floor, in bespoke floor matings. Each floor box can be provided with data connectors and power points that are adapted to U to be used by the cabling system.