PBS raised access floors

Made in Holland

As market leader in its segment, PBS offers you the certainty of a fast and completely reliable delivery, in addition to the advantages of a raised access floor. We are able to do this because, traditionally, we are the only Dutch manufacturer. The floors we install are developed and manufactured by us from the beginning to the end, of course according to the latest international standards*. With respect to planning and technology, we don’t have to rely on other parties to be able to comply with our agreements and guarantees. In addition, the solutions we suggest can be realized, guaranteed. In the three decades we’ve been active on the market, hundreds of commissioners have experienced that to be important distinctive aspects.

Both the system and the work method of PBS have already proven to be very effective in practice. This provides us with the proper foundation and expertise to further develop our concept and to adapt it to your specific needs where necessary. Because those needs are central in all levels of our organization. We attach a great deal of value to a proper preparation and clear communication. We work in fixed teams with the latest technology, to be able to work in a fast and careful manner. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to reducing energy consumption and the flow of waste in our production.

In the end, we’ve grown based on our unconditional efforts and phlegmatic Dutch attitude. We deliver what we promise at PBS. This offers you the guarantee of an excellent foundation for collaboration