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Specialist in Aluminium
Raised Floors

Die-cast aluminium raised floors that meet all requirements

PBS has developed a special raised floor system that is designed for high- tech environments, such as cleanrooms, and other similar facilities. The aluminium panels have a high load-bearing capacity, are guaranteed dust-free, dissipate static electricity and provide optimal air distribution.

By developing and manufacturing our aluminium floor panels in our own factory, we have a greater control over the quality of the product. This means we can ensure that our floor panels meet the high stands for quality and reliability. In addition, we can also reduce delivery time and allows us to ensure that our production process is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

ESD Safe

Our aluminium raised floor is ESD Safe and engineered to prevent the build-up of static electricity. By providing a conductive path for the charge to dissipate safely, the panels can protect sensitive equipment, improve safety and reduce risk of costly downtime.

Load-bearing Capacity

Our aluminium raised floor can support heavy loads without flexing or sagging, which can cause damage to equipment and disrupt operations.

Lowest Tolerance

By producing our aluminium raised floor with the lowest tolerance, we can ensure optimal airflow, reliable operation of sensitive equipment, and efficient use of space in high-tech environments.

Air Distribution

Optimal air distribution is achieved through our specially perforated Airvent panels. We offer different degree of perforation, which allowing our customers to customize the air distribution.

Every high-tech environment
has its unique requirements

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